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Loyola University Maryland’s Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ) connects students, faculty and staff to community service opportunities throughout the city of Baltimore. With an upcoming update to their content management system, the staff was tasked to combine two offices’ web properties under one website. 
Previous CCSJ website

Feedback from users and stakeholders identified the following painpoints:
  • website looked outdated and was inconsistent with the university’s visual identity standards
  • website was difficult to navigate
  • website had too much content

User goals were established through a series of workshops and interviews with students and stakeholders. A readibility test revealed that the page content was written at a 12th grade reading level with little to no indication of direct actions that users could take on the site. Content was revised to be more direct and user tasks such as signing up for service sites were brought to the front page.
Slides presented to staff during web audit workshop.

Final sitemap
Final sitemap

Version 1 of homepage prototype

Updated prototype based on user feedback.

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