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Previous trail stewards website.
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Updated trail stewards website.

Problem Statement
How might we make it easier for educators to access curriculum resources for trail stewardship? 

The Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail Stewards program is an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about national historic trails. It is sponsored and managed by the National Parks Service, Living Classrooms and the Friends of Fort McHenry. The partners were looking for a way to quickly build a website to house curriculum content.

I designed and developed their new website while consulting clients throughout the process to ensure their needs were met with the new website. I also co-led a workshop identifying the goals of the organization and how they overlapped with user needs in order to develop appropriate user tasks for the website.

Through a series of interviews with clients and feedback from stakeholders, the following painpoints were identified:
  • Current website was costly and time-consuming to update and had to be done through previous developer  
  • Resources for teachers vs students were not clear 
  • Navigation menus would change depending on what page you were on, overall hard to find things on site

Implemented solutions
  • Updated content management system and trained staff on updating content
  • Improved navigation for teachers to easily access curriculum resources

Wireframe of initial draft . 

Revising prototypes based on client feedback


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