My research interests include design and technology. In addition to this, I’m interested in exploring identity and decolonial art/design practices through the study and type design of Baybayin, a written script native to the Philippines.

Exploring Digital Intimacy

Working with philosopher Alicia Patterson, PhD and designer Sydney Luken at Georgetown University’s Ethics Lab, we co-created a workshop for GU’s Tech & Society ‘22 Week to explore the impact of digital technology on intimacy. We discussed different types of relationships and how technology shaped those relationships. 


Baybayin is a writing script native to the Tagalog people of the Philippines. My research looks to explore decolonial practices through type design, posters and zines. 
Colonial Mentality - “a form of internalized oppression that conditions colonized people to believe that their ethnic or cultural identity is inferior to Western culture or whiteness. Therefore, they live their lives striving to be westernized and learning to hate their indigenous roots.”
Baybayin is not widely used in the Philippines or known to many Filipinos. Largely because it almost became extinct due to colonial influence. Cultural artists have always advocated for its use and today, younger Filipino designers in the Philippines and within the diaspora are starting to embrace the script and create different font designs for the script. I use the script to resist colonial mentality and uplift the culture that existed in the Philippines before colonial rule. 

Baybayin Isa regular and bold font

Risograph printed mini zine “Be Ikaw” (Be You) 

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